Reviews – Testimonials

We go the extra mile to ensure that your closings and transactions are handled with experience and professionalism.
Many of our clients have shown appreciation with compliments and kind words. See what our Lenders, Buyers and Real Estate Professionals say…

Testimonials from Lenders:

Hollie Overholt, Sr. Loan Processor, Chase Mortgage

Hi Monroe, I really enjoy working with Jennifer too. She is always very polite, sends me the entire package all in one attachment and is quick when we send a request over. AND everything is correct! The CPL, fee sheets and title all match. That is the worst when I have to send stuff back to someone (never Jett) and ask them to match all docs to title vesting. You’d be surprised what I get sometimes.  Thought you would like to feel some positive vibes today 😉

K.S., Fifth Third Mortgage

Customer service personified.  Thanks.

Phyllis Montgomery, Mortgage Loan Officer

…to let each of you know that I really value your service on every loan…Thank you so much for getting it done and getting it done with excellence.  P.S. You are a class act – and uncommon commodity in today’s business world

C.T., BB&T Mortgage

…you have an excellent staff which is one of the reasons I prefer to send my business to you – in addition to them, the word on the real estate professional street is that you are the best and you treat our customers with respect as well as keep them well informed.

Julie Baker, Fifth Third Mortgage

…Also a note to Monroe…not only are you guys the best, even your friends are the best! ...

Josh R., Mortgage Loan Officer

…Monroe and his staff work diligently to make me as a loan officer look good and make it easy to ask for the referrals from real estate professionals.  I appreciate and value our relationship.

Noreen Jeremiah, BB&T Mortgage

It could not have been done any better! I was so impressed…by your pre-planning/ actual presentation/ and your follow thru!  You were excellent…thanks for all the encouragement and help!

John Lann, Churchill Mortgage

If we haven’t told you lately, we really appreciate all you do for us.  Being the new kid on the block here, I really enjoy using your company…I keep telling the LOs how great you are. Again, thanks for the great service.

John Flick, Closer

…I appreciate your business.  You guys have it really together…I love getting docs ahead of time.  It’s a pleasure working for and with you, my friend.

D.P., Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant

Your girls are doing an outstanding job. The ladies are wonderful to work with, easy and get the job done!

Testimonials from Buyers/Sellers:

Debbie H.

Monroe, thank you so much for your kindness at a particularly difficult time. I hope your family will enjoy a little treat.   (Buyer delivered handwritten note with homemade cookies!)

Patty T.

You do such a good job. Class act, you are.

Joyce M. D.

Mr. Jett, Thanks for helping with my refinance. Sorry about the mix-up that was not mentioned to me – hate that you had to go out of the way. But a big thanks to you.

Paul Temmerand, Sergeant Major, E9 US Army (Retired)

Monroe, Thank you for stepping up to the plate and resolving the dispute between XXXX Mortgage and me.  You stepped out of your way and into a dispute you had no responsibility or connection. Your concern for them to be successful is to be applauded.  XXXX Mortgage should be honored and thankful that they do business of a person of your caliber.  Thank you

David B.

 …Also, Monroe Jett was great at the closing—very efficient, professional, and considerate.

Thom R.

Thanks again for addressing the problem so quickly and thoroughly regarding our recent closing on Wellington Gardens.  I appreciate the hard work under the time constraints we all were under.  You did great.  Thanks again, Thom.

Testimonials from Real Estate Professionals:

Z Newell, LexHome Real Estate

Monroe, You and your team pulled off yet another problematic closing.  Jett Title rocks!

K.B., Hendricks Real Estate Team’s closing cordinator

Great to work with a good team like yours!

Lynn Erickson, de Movellan

 Thanks again for such a quick and easy closing.  I appreciate how you and your staff are always able to close quickly if necessary for my clients…It’s such a relief to be able to give you all the necessary information and know that you’ve got it right the first time. Communication seems to be so easy with your firm

Don Swain, Hendricks Real Estate Team

We do have excellent closing.  Thanks to you and your staff.  See you soon.

Bob B., de Movellan

Monroe, it was a pleasure seeing you again and I wanted to thank you for a professional and friendly closing.  It’s always a relief to do business with someone who has it all together.

Whitney Pannell, Keller-Williams Greater Lexington

Dear Monroe, thanks for doing such a great job on our recent closings. I appreciate your professionalism. Everything has gone very smoothly from start to finish!