What if a buyer or seller can’t attend the closing?

If you just need to come earlier or later to sign your part, usually that’s not a problem, but you must call to arrange this.

If you will be out of town, or if a buyer is unable due to health/other, then call the title co. ASAP to arrange someone to sign for you using our special/specific/limited power of attorney (POA) – cheapest and easiest solution, for about $100; OR we can arrange a mobile notary closer to come to you at the time and location of your convenience, anywhere in the U.S. for about $175 – requires several days’ advance notice.

1. A seller POA can be done easily, and we need as much lead time as possible to prepare it, get it to you, have you sign/notarize, and return it by FedEx
2. A buyer-POA, however, is time consuming and must be approved by the buyer’s lender first! Need at least a week for this to happen.  
3. Most lenders do NOT permit buyer-POAs unless there are serious circumstances – “work” does not qualify.  
4. You must use the title company’s specific/limited power of attorney format – never use templates from the Internet – they normally never have the needed language in them.
5. If you have an attorney-prepared DURABLE power of attorney, send it to us ASAP for review.  If acceptable, we will need the ORIGINAL at closing – yes we know its important, but is the LAW – it must be recorded with the deed.