What do I need to bring to closing? 

You must bring to closing:

a. Your unexpired, government-issued photo-IDs.  One form of ID per person is all we need.

b. Your legal spouse – even if he/she is not going to be on the deed OR the loan. State law forces spouses to sign a few disclosures for their protection. See the link below for Who must attend closing? Marital Rights.

c. Your funds needed to close:  A cashier’s check payable to Jett Title OR you may electronically wire the funds to us – Call Jett Title for our wire instructions, then take these instructions to your bank in person…and wire funds the day BEFORE closing. Wired funds must show in the title company’s account before a closing is permitted to take place.

Who must attend closing? Marital Rights. Dower/Curtesy