Realtors – How do I request Jett Title for my closings?

Realtors – How to request Jett Title for your closings

Cash Deals: You drive the bus. Send us the contract for our go-ahead, then we can usually close 3-days later. We will get a HUD to you asap.

Financed Deals: Specifically request the lender to use Jett Title for closing, as early as possible. All they need is this email:

1. Even though lenders have the final say as to which title company is used, most professional lenders will accommodate a Realtor’s request of title company. Lenders should desire to make Realtors happy, because lenders desire future referrals from you; and, because Jett Title has an excellent reputation.

2. Beware of these traps:
You may get some initial push back if that lender, or loan officer, if the loan officer want’s to use his/her buddy instead. Most excuses any lender comes up with are easily over come:
a) “My buddy’s fees will be lower” Nope: We will accept the title fees that the lender is used to putting on his/her loan estimates or worksheets.
b) “My buddy will be faster and better” Nope: We are exceptionally fast and accurate, and have earned an exceptional reputation as such. 
c) “Jett is not on our ‘approved’ list of title companies.” Not likely, but we can get on an approved list usually be sending them one, standard email.
d) “ They’re bad”, or any kind of negative untruth. Nope. We are highly respected by all parties in the market, even our strongest competitors. Negative untruths are an easy and unverifiable way to try to get you to use their title buddy. The “low road”.
e) Devious lenders may even tell you they will use Jett Title, BUT order your title through their buddy anyway, against your wishes. Making no bones about it, lenders can switch the title/closing BACK to Jett Title at NO COST TO YOU, in almost every case. If you are told that switching BACK to Jett Title will cost you any fees, tell them you will easily report them to the CFPB (The consumer watchdog for unscrupulous lenders.)