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Jett Title is a full-service title and escrow company serving Kentucky.

Daily, we serve a broad range of in-state and out-of-state buyers/sellers, lenders, Real Estate Professionals, law firms, title companies – anyone needing KY expertise.  We wish to serve you too!

We are pleased to provide any combination of the following services:

1. Title Searches, Commitments-Reports, Settlement Statement Preparation, Closing, Funding, Recording, Title Insurance Policy Issuance.

2. For Commercial and Residential real estate.

3. Full searches, updates, foreclosure searches.

4. In Kentucky.

Closing Locations – Flexibility!

Anywhere you need the closing to be. Typically they are closed in the office of either the lender, Real Estate Professionals, Jett Title, or separately at home/office of the buyers/sellers.  We are known for our flexibility and effort above and beyond to make closings happen at the highest level of convenience possible for all parties, considering all parties’ schedules.

Absentee Parties – We make their closing happen wherever the parties happen to be, if at all possible!

1. If someone cannot be present for closing (out of town, in hospital, infirm, incapacitated), the easiest and cheapest way is to use Power of Attorney!  We can prepare one quickly, email it to the to-be-absent party for their signature and notarization, and have the original brought to us at closing or FedExed to us. The original POA must be recorded with the deed.

2. We can close with any party, for any KY real estate transaction, in any location in the U.S., and even overseas.
We typically arrange for certified, background-checked mobile notary to meet the absent party at the time and location of the absent party’s choosing.  The closer administers the closing, notarizes all, prevents error, ensures accuracy, and returns all docs to Jett Title.

Timing of closings when a party is absent – let us know in advance, and it will not be a problem!!

1. When all Buyers are in a different location for the Sellers, this is no problem – they close the same day, but likely different times, in two separate locations.  The same date!

2. When two buyers are in separate locations and a POA is NOT used, then one buyer signs on “day-1”, all docs are FedExed to us, and the other buyer who is present signs on “day-2”.  All docs are dated for “day-2”.

Just call us with any and all questions regarding services, locations, closings and absent parties and we will work it out for you in advance and make you as happy as you can possibly be!