Real Estate Professionals – Testimonials

Z Newell, LexHome Real Estate

Monroe, You and your team pulled off yet another problematic closing.  Jett Title rocks!

K.B., Hendricks Real Estate Team’s closing cordinator

Great to work with a good team like yours!

Lynn Erickson, de Movellan

 Thanks again for such a quick and easy closing.  I appreciate how you and your staff are always able to close quickly if necessary for my clients…It’s such a relief to be able to give you all the necessary information and know that you’ve got it right the first time. Communication seems to be so easy with your firm

Don Swain, Hendricks Real Estate Team

We do have excellent closing.  Thanks to you and your staff.  See you soon.

Bob B., de Movellan

Monroe, it was a pleasure seeing you again and I wanted to thank you for a professional and friendly closing.  It’s always a relief to do business with someone who has it all together.

Whitney Pannell, Keller-Williams Greater Lexington

Dear Monroe, thanks for doing such a great job on our recent closings. I appreciate your professionalism. Everything has gone very smoothly from start to finish!