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The only thing worse than bad news…is bad news later!

Kill the monster while its small! Do NOT let it continue to grow, getting uglier and nastier every hour.

Don’t put off sharing bad news.

Don’t be afraid to address the potential “tough stuff”, gently, directly, and confidently:

1) As soon as you hear about bad news for your client, get moving on identifying solutions as quickly as possible.  
2) Say have bad news, and options to solve the problem (Options give control)
2) Share the news, and Solution Options
3) Listen, do not interrupt their venting
4) Empathize; Say I understand
5) Join; Say I wouldn’t like it either
6) Review options, advise pos/neg of each
7) Ask for response. Stay quiet! Until they choose an option or ask your opinion.
8) Give assurance, remind them that their overall goal that the buy/sell of the house is accomplishing for them.