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What is a cash purchase?

A cash purchase means the buyer is not using the subject property as collateral on a loan to buy it.

1. The buyer MAY be using an existing  home equity line of credit (HELOC) on another home, to get the funds to buy the subject property.  2. If the buyer is applying for a new HELOC, then the buyer must close on this new HELOC 4 days BEFORE the cash purchase can take place. (There is a 3-4 day waiting period after closing HELOCs on primary residences, in the U.S.)

Timeframe for closing:

A cash purchase can generally happen within 3 days of notifying Jett Title.  This depends upon which county the property is in.  We are speedy, so you are not usually waiting on the title company, you are likely going to be waiting on the inspections, etc.

Who orders the title work and closing in a cash purchase?

When there is no lender, and the buyer is paying cash for the subject property; then, it is the Real Estate Professionals or the Buyer that calls the title company to get moving on the title search and closing prep. 

What is the process?

  1. See the Buyer’s Timeline.
  2. Call Jett Title for any questions, and fees, and to SCHEDULE the closing.
  3. Send the contract to
  4. Send Jett Title all seller-contact information, and all real estate professionals’ contact info.
  5. Buyer orders the home inspection and terminate report and all other inspections needed.
  6. Title co. sends out a settlement statement to all parties for review and approval.
  7. Closing occurs and everyone is happy.

Call Jett Title today with any questions.  We want to by your cash-closing partner.