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Jett Title is headed by M. Monroe Jett. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, Monroe went to boarding high school In Chattanooga, TN, at The Baylor School. When he graduated, he returned to Lexington to attend University of Kentucky. Upon graduation in 1989, Monroe went to work for his father in the family business – Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. Monroe worked hard and accumulated a wealth of knowledge in all areas of banking, especially in real estate lending and the closing of real estate loans. Although a few attractive business opportunities presented themselves over the years, Monroe stayed the course in the family business for 15 years primarily out of loyalty to his father, and became president in 1999. IN addition to his loan officer responsibilities, Monroe was also the bank’s trainer in service excellence – it was with such training that the bank gained a superior reputation for service throughout the state of Kentucky.

After his father’s death in 2000, Monroe began to feel more strongly than before, the urge to satisfy his entrepreneurial drive. In 2003, after much discernment, Monroe said farewell to the lending side of the mortgage industry, and left to engage himself in the title industry to serve the lenders he knows so well. He found strong success in building his client base by utilizing his proven understanding of superior service. Although still active on the board of his family’s business, he has never looked back.
To completely satisfy his entrepreneurial drive, Monroe formed his own company, Jett Title, in 2005, and centered it around the extremely important aspect of customer service which he and his clients so value. Monroe’s strengths (experience, professionalism and service understanding) sustain his success in the development of excellent relationships with brokers, lenders, realtors and competitors/colleagues in the mortgage industry. As a result, Jett Title clients are exceptionally pleased with quality and consistency of the service provided to them.
“It’s our strong effort and unwavering commitment to providing excellence in customer service that sets us apart. All you have to do is read our mission statement – it really says it all.” – M. Monroe Jett


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